Let’s Be Legendary - The Feywild West - A queer actual play podcast

| Halloween Special | SoR | Episode 1

October 31, 2021

Vincent, an apprentice Loremaster, is dragged into fulfilling the duties of his apprenticeship, much to his protest. His best friend Alex, a curse breaker who works for a small curio shop, is excited to join him. She finds the perfect person to join them, but it so happens that Mal is Vincent’s ex lover. All three of them have to work to get along or this journey will be far more treacherous than they realize.


Content Warnings for this episode:

Fantasy violence including the use of firearms, adult language, mature themes, gore with accompanying sound effects, use of alcohol, sounds of animals in distress, and animal death.


Foley Sound and Music Credits:

Envato Elements elements.envato.com

Audio Blocks www.audioblocks.com

Free Sound freesound.org 


| DM | Molly Hexcroft (She/Her): twitter.com/eldritchdm

Audio Producer | Writer | Dungeon Master | Player


| Alex | Jes Richards (They/Them)

Lead Writer | Editor | Audio Producer | Player


| Malachi | Cris Sass-Council (They/Them): twitter.com/rainbowpunk10

Executive Producer | Creative Director | Editor | Mixer | Social Media & Community Manager | Writer | Player | Dungeon Master


| Vincent | Megzie Sass-Council (She/Her): twitter.com/MegzieSasspants

Art Director | Assistant Audio Mixer | Social Media and Community Management | Player

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