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| Episode 58 | The Battle for Jaldin | Part 6

June 12, 2019

| Episode 58 | The Battle for Jaldin | Part 6


The dead need to be buried and the wounds tended. Talia and Seline can’t continue their search, without doing what they can for the people of Jaldin. And help comes in unexpected ways.


Happy Pride, everyone! We thought we would celebrate this month by talking about our cast and crew, as members of the LGBTQ+ community. We’ll start with our main characters Talia and Seline.


Talia is a 30 year old half lycan gunslinger and warlock. Talia is non-binary and uses she/her pronouns. She does however prefer masculine titles such as ‘Sir’. She doesn’t have or want to have any magical or medical body alterations done but does bind her chest and uses a packing phallus. Sexaully and romantically, she is attracted to those who identify and present as women.


Seline is a 22 year old fey touched cleric of the Undertaker. She identifies as female as assigned to her at birth and uses she/her pronouns. Seline sexually and romantically identifies as Pansexual, feeling that gender does not play a factor in her attraction.




Content Warnings for this episode:

Mature themes



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About Us

We are a tabletop rpg Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast, with a focus on storytelling and representation of queer and lgbtq+ people in media. We wanted to tell stories that we wished we could have found when we were kids.

Molly Hexcroft (She/Her): twitter.com/eldritchdm

Producer | Editor | Dungeon Master | Player

Cris Sass-Council (They/Them): twitter.com/rainbowpunk10

Producer | Director | Editor | Mixer | Social Media Manager | Player | Dungeon Master

Megzie Sass-Council (She/Her): twitter.com/MegzieSasspants

Producer | Art Director | Player

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